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Activity sharing URL
Event SEX-TALK workshop

Location NCKU Campus
Activity begin 2021/04/16 13:00
Activity termination 2021/04/16 15:00
Entry time 2021/04/16 00:00
Case Officer Contact 洪欣宜
Case Officer phone 2757575#50331
Case Officer email
Registration Start Date 2021/03/18 00:00
Registration End Date 2021/04/14 23:50
Organizer 學務處心理健康與諮商輔導組
Major language Chinese only
Primary list 8 / 8
Wait lis 4 / 4
Boarder restrictio
Public Servant training hour 0
Open for external personnel No
Need to verify qualifications No
whether offering meal No
Pick up the tickets No
Foreign students are limited to participate No
Register regulations
Participation restriction [Certified faculty or staff]:Not
[Affiliated Units]:Not
A total of 9 identity categories