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Event Global Talent, Tomorrow's Leaders: Academia training for the aerospace industry
Location NCKU Future Venue
Activity begin 2021/02/24 12:10
Activity termination 2021/02/24 14:10
Entry time 2021/02/24 11:40
Case Officer Contact 鄧維莉
Case Officer phone 50961
Case Officer email
Registration Start Date 2021/02/21 12:00
Registration End Date 2021/02/23 12:00
Organizer 國際合作組
Major language English only
Primary list 23 / 38
Wait lis 0 / 0
Boarder restrictio
Public Servant training hour 0
Open for external personnel No
Need to verify qualifications
whether offering meal No
Pick up the tickets No
Foreign students are limited to participate No
Register regulations

The absence of this registered event will be recorded by CGE-approved lectures. If up to two times absence, you will not be able to use online registration. You will be allowed to perform online registrations until you register on-site next time.

Participation restriction [Certified faculty or staff]:Not
[Student]:Freshman,Sophomore,Junior,Senior or above,
[Affiliated Units]:Not
A total of 3 identity categories


(1)主講者:Dr. Yuhsyen Shen 沈毓賢博士

職稱:Project Chief Engineer

服務單位:Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA


Ph.D., Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Facilitate a general understanding of the field of aerospace in terms of both academia and industry worldwide.

Provide insightful visions to young students to find their passion and the possible directions to define their career in the future, with an emphasis on the role and impact of aerospace in society.

Encourage a flipped classroom style of mentoring by requiring all participating students to come to the lecture with questions prepared in advance.
Participating students need to prepare in advance the following items.
1.Have 5 questions, the minimum, about the subject to join the talk.
2.Have a laptop or smartphone, with a headphone or an earphone, to use for joining the teleconference. Bring them to the talk.
3.Have Webex app installed on the device.

(2)主講者:Prof. Chia-Yuan Chen 陳嘉元教授


服務單位:Science and Technology Division of TECO_LA


Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA


Serve as the moderator of the talk to facilitate the interaction between the guest speaker, located in the USA, and the NCKU students, at NCKU, Taiwan, via a three-way and synchronous video-conferencing platform.