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Event Human Tuning Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Location Counseling and Wellness Services Division
Activity begin 2022/11/16 16:50
Activity termination 2022/11/16 18:30
Entry time 2022/11/16 00:00
Case Officer Contact 鄭淑惠
Case Officer phone 50322
Case Officer email
Registration Start Date 2022/08/29 00:00
Registration End Date 2022/10/20 00:00
Organizer 學生事務處
Major language Chinese only
Primary list 1 / 1
Wait lis 0 / 0
Boarder restrictio
Public Servant training hour 0
Open for external personnel No
Need to verify qualifications No
whether offering meal No
Pick up the tickets No
Foreign students are limited to participate No
Register regulations


Participation restriction [Certified faculty or staff]:All
[Informal staff]:All
[Affiliated Units]:Not
A total of 15 identity categories





.帶領者: 鄭淑惠(心輔組助理教授、Tuning Fork Therapy®認證音療師、薩提爾系統轉化模式合格督導)

. 對象:成大教職員,開放5名,每名3(),以一對一的方式進行,請著寬鬆長褲。

.時間:111.11.16()12:10~13:00   17:10~18:00

111.11.17() 12:10~13:00 17:10~18:00


進行第一周後,之後的兩周每人如同上述星期與時段。如:第一周()11/16 17:10~18:00 第二回是11/23 17:10 第三回是 11/30 17:10