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Event Cross Cultural Communication Barriers in the Workplace

Location NCKU Future Venue
Activity begin 2021/12/29 12:30
Activity termination 2021/12/29 14:30
Entry time 2021/12/29 12:00
Case Officer Contact 黃子瑜
Case Officer phone 50954
Case Officer email
Registration Start Date 2021/11/29 00:00
Registration End Date 2021/12/24 17:00
Organizer 國際事務處
Major language Chinese only
Primary list 42 / 50
Wait lis 0 / 10
Boarder restrictio
Public Servant training hour 2
Open for external personnel No
Need to verify qualifications Yes
whether offering meal Yes
Pick up the tickets No
Foreign students are limited to participate No
Register regulations
Participation restriction [Certified faculty or staff]:All
[Informal staff]:All
[Affiliated Units]:National Cheng Kung University Hospital/The Affiliated Senior Industrial Vocational Continuing Education High School Of National Cheng Kung University,
A total of 16 identity categories

  • 活動名稱:跨文化溝通:東西方說話邏輯大不同公務應用篇
  • 活動目的:藉由本活動辦理,希望本校行政人員能更理解東西方說話邏輯相異處,在與外籍人士溝通時能更加順暢。
  • 活動時間110 12 29 日(三)12:30-14:30
  • 活動地點:未來館3
  • 活動講師:國立雲林科技大學應用外語系黃惠玲教授
  • 主辦單位:國際事務處
  • 參加對象:本校教師及行政人員
  • 預期參加人數:50
  • 活動方式:互動式工作坊
  • 活動流程

12:30-14:00 工作坊時間

14:00-14:30 提問時間